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The MIT-Microsoft iCampus Research Alliance

Initiated in 1999, iCampus is a research collaboration between Microsoft Research and MIT whose goal is to create and demonstrate technologies with the potential for revolutionary change throughout the university curriculum. iCampus-sponsored innovations have had broad and significant impact throughout MIT, and they are continuing to evolve through worldwide multi-institutional collaborations.

iCampus projects are selected from MIT faculty responses to annually issued requests for proposals. In addition, iCampus has awarded over $2M for projects conceived, initiated, and run entirely by students.

More than 300 faculty and research staff, and more than 300 students, have participated in iCampus-sponsored projects. Virtually all MIT undergraduates have taken subjects whose development was sponsored by iCampus — over 100 subjects in all.

Areas of innovation have included: using Web Services to enable a new educational information technology framework of software and services shared among universities worldwide; transforming the classroom experience by replacing traditional passive lectures with active learning experiences supported by information technology; and educational applications of emerging technologies such as speech recognition and pen-based computing.

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TEAL classroom

MIT freshman physics classroom incorporating studio-mode instruction.

Monitoring water quality

MIT students deploy wireless Hydrolab equipment they constructed to monitor water quality in the Williams River near Newcastle, Australia (2002).