The Passion to Action Summit: The MIT Leadership Center Launch, Cambridge MA, October 6, 2005. “Domeview presentation (video webstream under ‘SESSION 2: DEVELOPING FUTURE LEADERS’),” Harel Williams. MIT Leadership Center Events site

Magnanti offers Congress views on education

The United States needs to find new ways to excite today’s schoolchildren about the possibilities that math, science and engineering can hold for them, the dean of MIT’s School of Engineering recently testified during a congressional hearing on “Challenges to American Competitiveness in Math and Science.”

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MIT News Office, Monday July 25, 2005

Learning Space Design in Action

Introductory science courses need to merge lectures, recitations, and hands-on laboratory experience into a technologically and collaboratively rich experience for incoming freshmen. This mix of technology, pedagogy, and classroom design results in better learning. Technology Enabled Active Learning (TEAL) at MIT ( is the latest iteration of this effective strategy.”

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EDUCAUSE r e v i e w July/August 2005

Future of the Learning Space: Breaking Out of the Box

For many people, the public image of higher education is the classroom: faculty talking, with students intently listening and taking notes… Many educators, however, increasingly argue that such classrooms are largely ineffective as learning environments and that they should not continue to be built. But what should take their place?…
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EDUCAUSE r e v i e w July/August 2005

Microsoft Research Names First Winners of New Faculty Fellowship Awards, Fueling Innovative Research in Computer Science. New Program Steps up Microsoft’s Engagement With Academia by Providing Creative Freedom and Collaboration Opportunities to Today’s Most Promising Young Professors

“Microsoft Research today announced the first five recipients of its New Faculty Fellowship Awards, a new program that honors early-career university professors who demonstrate exceptional talent for novel research and thought leadership in their discipline.

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PR Newswire, May 25, 2005

Gates Cites Hiring Woes, Criticizes Visa Restrictions

“Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates said yesterday the software giant is having enormous difficulty filling computer jobs in the United States as a result of tight visa restrictions on foreign workers and a declining interest among U.S. students in computer science.

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Washington Post, April 28, 2005

ShuttleTrack Running Again Though Problems Remain

“ShuttleTrack, a service that is designed to show real-time locations of MIT vans from a Web site, is running again after having been out of service since at least last summer.

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The Tech, Friday, April 22, 2005

MIT builds bridges to black engineers; Helps make NSBE convention a success

Thousands of people from across the country flocked to Boston last week for the 31st annual National Society of Black Engineers Convention. Among the more than 10,000 conference attendees packed into Hynes Convention Center were dozens of MIT students, alumni, faculty and staff who dedicated their time and energy to the five-day event, which was themed “Empowering the World…One Engineer at a Time.” See also on cover of TechTalk 3/30/05

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MIT News Office – March 29, 2005

African students get web link to MIT labs

Students in Uganda, Tanzania and Nigeria can now perform sophisticated engineering and science experiments at MIT–without ever getting on a plane. “If you can’t come to the lab, the lab will come to you,” said Jesus del Alamo, co-principal investigator on the Africa project and a professor in MIT’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. See also on cover of TechTalk 3/30/05

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MIT News Office – March 21, 2005

MIT expands remote labs to Africa

MIT’s iLAbs has expanded its remote laboratory program to include three African universities for students to perform real engineering and science experiments over the Internet.

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EETimes Online – March 21, 2005