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iMOAT, the iCampus MIT Online Assessment Tool, is a service for Web-based administration and grading of writing examinations. It has been used for assessing writing skills of MIT entering students since 1998 and refined by writing instruction experts at five major universities. The iMOAT Web service:

  • incorporates reliable and valid writing situations
    that give students time to think, write, and revise
  • transforms assessment into learning by providing
    detailed individual feedback
  • integrates preparatory readings of any length
  • gives universities and complete control over the
    content, schedule, and grading of exams
  • significantly reduces assessment costs

About iMOAT

iMOAT facilitates best practices in writing assessment. It lets students complete assignments or take exams anywhere in the world. It permits universities to define key elements of assessment instruments and academic assignments, including number and relative weights of test elements, online readings, time allotted, and specific practices for holistic scoring. It incorporates online scoring of essays and real-time quality control. Other applications include K-12 education, portfolios in writing and other subjects, and distance learning.

Exploring and Using iMOAT

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