MIT iCampus 1999-2006

After 7 years, iCampus has come to a successful close. It was celebrated with a 2-day symposium, Learning without Barriers / Technology without Borders, in early December 2006, bringing together luminaries from government, academia, and industry. The MIT-Microsoft alliance has successfully done what it started out to do: it fostered barrier-less collaborations and exciting new technological developments aimed at improving education in higher learning institutions, first at home here at MIT, then globally, across borders, through its Outreach Initiative.

Thanks to all the faculty and student PI’s and your teams for working with the MIT/Microsoft Alliance in your iCampus research projects. Thanks to your efforts, the iCampus Alliance has proven to be a successful engagement both for MIT and for Microsoft.

iCampus Assessment Report

The iCampus project commissioned the TLT Group to conduct an assessment of selected projects to determine what can be learned about the priorities for educational technology initiatives in the future, and about how the spread of such innovations can be more effectively supported. The results of this study are presented here in two forms: Executive […]

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‘Learning Without Barriers’: the MIT-Microsoft iCampus connection celebrates innovation

Robin H. Ray, News Office Correspondent December 8, 2006 Learning Without Barriers Symposium The seven-year, $25 million iCampus partnership between MIT and Microsoft, which has borne fruit across the globe, was celebrated with a symposium at the Tang Center Dec. 1 and 2. Called “Learning Without Barriers/Technology Without Borders: Celebrating the MIT-Microsoft iCampus Alliance,” the […]

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Prime ad space. In space. MIT students would put slogans on satellite to raise funds

By Jenn Abelson, Globe Staff  |  November 3, 2006 Now on sale: Ads in space. In a novel bid to raise money to send a research satellite into space, a group of students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is offering companies and individuals a chance to put their advertisements into orbit around the Earth. […]

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New center to focus on synthetic biology

August 3, 2006 Five MIT researchers are among the pioneers behind a new research center in synthetic biology, a precocious field whose primary long-term goal is to make it easier to design and build useful organisms. Current work includes refining pieces of DNA into standard biological parts that researchers could then mix and match to […]

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Robotic bears can monitor sick kids – MIT’s device packed with sensors

By Christopher Rowland, Globe Staff  |  July 31, 2006 SIGGRAPH 2006: From idea to image It’s an academic conference. It’s a digital art exhibit. It’s drawing 25,000 people to Boston this week to see how emerging technologies are being used to educate, entertain, and study everything from the sea floor to the human body. In […]

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MISTI helps bring iLabs to China

June 12, 2006 Undergraduates are at the forefront of MIT’s latest efforts to share educational technology with China. On Tuesday, June 13, students will join MIT faculty at the first Asian MIT-iCampus Conference in Beijing, an unprecedented effort to introduce China’s top universities to iLabs, MIT’s free online remote laboratory initiative. iLabs allows students and […]

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Online methods share insider tricks

“Replicating controversial lab results or tricky methods could become easier, thanks to a new breed of websites where scientists share and edit each other’s laboratory techniques…..” Nature, Published online: 7 June 2006. Original Source: (Link no longer active)

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Tech’ing it to the Next Level – a new MIT Museum exhibit

“Opening Tuesday, May 23 is an MIT Museum exhibit designed to make teachers rethink the way they teach. Whether in a physics laboratory, a literature classroom, or a physical therapy session, educational technologies are radically changing how people learn and interact with one another….” Read More MIT Museum Press Release, May 31, 2006.

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Mi Lab Es Su Lab

A bleary eyed Massachusetts Institute of Technology student roaming the ground floor of Building 1 in the wee hours might hear a rumbling coming from the “shake table” lab, where researchers simulate earthquakes…” Read More Inside Higher Ed News, 03/24/06.

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