Archives for March 2003

Learning and Design Join In New Spaces

“Five principles—community, intensity, variety, flexibility, and ubiquity—underlie MIT’s changing approach to architecture and learning, said Dean of the School of Architecture and Planning William J. Mitchell…”

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The Tech, March 11, 2003

Swimming with MIT’s Virtual Fish

“Visitors to MIT will soon have more to see than lab equipment and students snoozing through afternoon lectures. They’ll also be able to gawk at—and even manipulate—fish as they swim alongside the pedestrians in MIT’s famous one-sixth-mile-long Infinite Corridor…”

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Wired, March 7, 2003

iCampus Projects Close to Done

“SafeRide tracking system and free on-demand music through MIT Cable are two programs that will soon be available to the MIT community, thanks to the iCampus program…”

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The Tech, March 7, 2003