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First-year physics course being transformed through experiment

“A new course in introductory physics this term promises to affect the freshman experience of almost every student who enters 77 Massachusetts Ave. in the next decade or so….”

Denise Brehm, MIT News Office, Tech Talk, December 19, 2001

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New classrooms offer high-tech education in physics, mechanical engineering

“Three newly renovated classrooms are making it possible for faculty to teach classic courses in modern ways, using high-tech communications equipment, desktop experiments and even innovative seating arrangements to encourage students both here and abroad to take more active roles in the learning process….”

Denise Brehm, MIT News Office, Tech Talk, December 12, 2001

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TEAL Project a Success; May Expand Next Year

“Despite a contentious initial argument over the program’s location, the Technology Enabled Active Learning Studio Physics Project (TEAL) is proving thus far to be quite a success, according to students and faculty. ‘Our overall goal is to teach freshman physics better, so it’s more palatable,’ said Professor of Physics John W. Belcher, Principal Investigator on the TEAL project at MIT….”

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Vincent Chen, Staff Reporter, The Tech, October 26, 2001

MIT pioneers online microelectronics lab

“MIT students can now test and probe fragile, microscopic electronic structures using a novel online lab that can be accessed from dorm rooms and other convenient locations 24 hours a day….”

Rachel Bredemeier, EECS Department, March 14, 2001

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Students Make Rush CD-ROM

“In the hope of giving incoming students more information about the Institute’s residence system, students entering MIT’s Class of 2005 will receive a CD-ROM this summer….”

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Siobhan Walsh, The Tech, February 23, 2001

Physics Reading Room Likely to House TEAL

“MIT administrators have indicated that the physics reading room will probably house the upcoming Technology Enabled Active Learning (TEAL) project….”

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Pey-Hua Hwang, Staff Reporter, The Tech, February 16, 2001

Institute solicits proposals to improve undergrad education

“The Council on Educational Technology (CET), in collaboration with the Committee on the Undergraduate Program (CUP), has set a January 22 deadline for submission of preliminary proposals on projects that will enhance the educational experience of MIT students…”

Denise Brehm, MIT News Office, January 10, 2001

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